Where have I been lately

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Initially published on July 17th 2018 on Steemit

Source: Tigerfog

Hello everyone. Klebs here. Since I joined Steemit and with Tigerfog’s help, I managed to actively engage with the community for the first three months before I just disappeared.

What happened?

Until two months ago, I was able to maintain my personal life, my day job and my time on Steemit. However, a happy yet important family event led me to put Steemit aside for what I initially thought was a short break. Once I’ve filled my commitments, it took me a while to get back in because while I was away, I started developing new interests and keeping my ideas organized proved to be quite challenging. Before, I talked exclusively about console gaming from my youth and was dead set on publishing simultaneously in French and English. Now, I would like to broaden my horizons and give myself more time to translate my blog posts.

What happens now?

In addition to retro console games, I plan to write articles about Linux but for gamers since I’m about to embark on this new environment and would like to share my journey with the community. I would also like to thank @ixindamix and @heavyelement for showing me that it’s possible to game on Linux and that Windows doesn’t hold a monopoly in this industry. Lastly, this blog post will be the last I publish in French and English at the same time in order for me to publish more sooner.

One more thing

Tigerfog has sent me two articles that I’ll publish in the next few days and I will handle the English translation as well.

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