The mystery of the cancelled features in games

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Initially published on July 31st 2018 on Steemit

Source: Tigerfog

Hello again, Tigerfog here!

Being a video game fan since childhood, I gradually grew up more interested in more that just what can be found in my games… namely what could’ve been found.

At first, I was only interested in censored elements during game localizations.
Now, thanks to the Internet and wonderful websites such as The Cutting Room Floor, I realized even before a game was altered by an editor… it was often already vastly different from its initial form.

For example, the legendary Secret of Mana was supposed to be developed for the SNES CD before Nintendo cut ties with Sony. The team at SquareSoft apparently had to cut out a lot of content to fit the game inside a cartridge instead of a disc.
Imagine what we could’ve had, the soundtrack, a bigger world, maybe a longer storyline!

Another slightly more recent example: the Space World ’97 version of Pokemon Gold.
In that version, the design of the majority of the 100 new Pokemons from the Johto region were very different from the final version. One only needs to see the initial evolution of Chikorita to notice the difference.

Then again, I’m only talking about games with behind-the-scenes anecdotes or older versions being different from the final one.
Games with DLC-locked content or a rushed ending are another subject… for another time!

What about you? Which games with a bizarre development history intrigues you?

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