My plans for 2019

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Hey everyone. Klebs here and you’re probably asking yourselves why I’ve been less active lately. Today, I’ll explain what’s been going on and what I have in store for 2019.

level of snow on the balcony before work
Snow-filled balcony in Verdun (before)
Source: iPhone, Tigerfog

Why I’ve been less active these days?

Normally, we tend to be busier with our family during the holidays. Hoewever, I’ve also started taking online courses on blogging and website creation. This has led me to obsess over minute details and work non-stop on my website. Only when a certain influencer named Sean Cannel from Think Media TV has said on social media that done is better than perfect did I come to my senses. That’s why I’ll aim to publish more frequently regardless of the state of my website.

What do I have in store for this year?

For a few months, I’ve started to get interested in development on FPGA circuits that simulate computers and video game consoles on the hardware level, mainly the MiSTer project with the Terasic DE10-nano. I plan to share my new interest with you and also help Linux users get into this by writing tutorials for them.

Speaking of Linux, I also aim to write tutorials to help people run some Windows games using Proton in Steam. That’s because some guides on ProtonDB aren’t always straightforward enough.

Another problem I’ve had is I spend too much time writing complex blog posts thus affecting my productivity. I believe by focusing on writing more for fun instead of overanalyzing stuff, that should help me publish more content more frequently. Hopefully, that will also encourage more discussion among readers.

Closing thoughts

I’m very excited for 2019 and I hope you are as well. Questions? Comments? Let me know, thanks for reading and laters.

level of snow on the balcony after work
Snow-filled balcony in Verdun (after)
Source: iPhone, Tigerfog

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