Steemit Gaming Challenge: Why games are good (Part 2)

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Initially published on July 23rd 2018 on Steemit

Source: Tigerfog

Hi everyone, Tigerfog here.

Following Klebs’ request, I’ve also decided to name 3 games that influenced me the most.

Chrono Trigger, SNES


It was my very first RPG and what an adventure! All aspects of this masterpiece astonished me. I didn’t know that a game could have a story with such depth, that the soundtrack could be that memorable, that you will actually care about the characters and that stats (HP, MP, etc.) could be so exciting.

Little Big Adventure, PC


I remember seeing bits and pieces of that game as a kid on Microkids, a French TV show. Seeing a 3D rendered character walk freely in an isometric would and being able to hit virtually anyone in the game, that was mind-blowing for me who was used to not being able to hit an NPC.

For years, I could only play the demo (2% of the full game) because the real one was too expensive in stores at the time. Eventually, my parents got me the game for 15$ in a Canadian store.

The full game was anything I could hope for and so much more! The music was fantastic, the characters, unique et quirky and the difficulty, unforgiving but fair.

Megami Ibunroku Persona (Revelations: Persona)


My first experience with that series was Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Knowing I skipped the first game, I did some research and found out I didn’t miss one but two: Persona 1 and Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

While both Persona 2 games were must-plays on their own right, the first Persona is way more important to me for one simple reason that still amazes me to this day: the game has two main storylines in it.

After the prologue which equates around two hours of gameplay, the protagonist can go straight to the main objective or look into a school rumor about a cursed mask.

Investigating the cursed mask completely changes the rest of the game: the story shifts into something entirely different with new enemies, new allies, a different world and a much harder difficulty.

Looking back, I felt Persona 1 was really 2 games rolled into 1 since each storyline took about 35 hours to complete! No game at the time has given me so much for what it cost.

The only downside was that I had to play the Japanese version since the North American version removed the second storyline. Of course, the PSP port was released in English years later with both storylines and a better gameplay but the new soundtrack completely changed the mood of the game…

And there you have it: three games that influenced me the most.
Someday, I’ll write another blog post for Klebs.

(Note from Klebs: since I already challenged 6 people for both Tigerfog and myself in my own Steemit Gaming Challenge article, he won’t be challenging anyone.)

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