Linux Gaming Francophone: une place pour les créateurs de contenu

This post is also available in: Français

Hey everyone, Klebs here and today, I’d like to talk about a group that I’m a part of: Linux Gaming Francophone.
If you speak French or are learning the language and want to talk with fellow Linux gamers, read on.

It all started when myself and other French-speaking content creators were looking for people like us to share ideas and just socialize. After a few discussions, a forum was created. However, what started as a meeting ground for content creators has since evolved into a place where all Linux gamers are welcome, whether they’re content creators or not. What matters is we learn about each other while sharing ideas, blog posts, tips, games, anything that entertains us and educates us.

If you’re comfortable communicating in French and want to chat with other Linux gamers, join us at Linux Gaming Francophone.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon. Laters.